Why A Mirror Maze?

The best and most profitable attraction is one that creates a sense of excitement, piques curiosity and provides the thrill of a challenge with each experience - it is this draw that pulls attendance of all ages, any season of the year. With our Mirror Maze you will have a potentially endless source of revenue, built to your specifications and optimized for low-maintenance entertainment. The attraction you’ve always imagined is available from Mirror Mazes International!

Mirror Mazes International

Mirror Mazes International invented safety systems for mirror mazes and continually offer the latest advancements in safety technology. Our mirror mazes offer superior craftsmanship and our Infinity Illusion processes deliver the most wowing effects available in any mirror maze in existence.

Our audio and lighting systems and two-way mirror technology are the world’s gold standard in quality of design and entertainment impact. Lastly, Mirror Mazes International is a name you can trust.

Powered by Oak Island Creative and Keen Design, two of the most trusted names in the world in walkthrough attractions for almost 30 years combined!

Profitability Made Easy

Step One: Decide how big you want your mirror maze and what your application will be. This decision should be driven by three main factors:

  • A) the venue space you want to put it in
  • B) logistics of your ticketing
  • C) what you want your price point / pricing structure to be versus what you want to spend and how much WOW factor you want to provide your customers.

While each Mirror Maze is uniquely designed per your facility, we have three "standard" models to help you decide what the general size of your maze should be (see the Infinity 500, 800 and 1200 under the Floor Plans section of this website) and how much you can charge for it.

Step Two: Once you decide your overall pricing and size objectives, our team of designers will go to work to create a Mirror Maze perfect for your existing facility space. Our designers will take into account facility objectives such as entrance and exit needs, emergency exit strategies, lobbies, ticketing, etc.

Step Three: Once the design process is accomplished, Mirror Mazes International will build you the world's best Mirror Maze... optimized for serious WOW effect and customized to meet your objectives!!

  • Limitless revenue generation, optimized for low on-going expenses and year-round traffic
  • The most space-efficient vs. entertainment impact attraction in the world
  • Unequalled craftsmanship for years of low maintenance, profitable operation

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