Our experience in creating some of the best attractions around the country for Fortune 500 companies is right at your fingertips!

Powered by an immersive guest experience, your Mirror Maze has great potential to be the best FEC. Our team of designers, experiential architects, branding experts and visual merchandisers are ready to help you maximize the opportunity of your facility. The Mirror Mazes International team becomes your “one-stop-shop” by providing design consultation, space planning, installation services and much more! Let us extend the Mirror Maze experience creating a fun entertainment center that will aMAZE guests for hours and generate additional revenue… making this a must-do in any tourist destination.

Let our designers aMAZE you, as we build attractions that lead to great guest experiences, which will increase revenue, generate positive ratings and create repeat visitation.


Mirror Mazes International will guide you on the path to success…we don’t just build it, we brand it! Our team of branding experts will create a DNA style guide that is designed specifically for your maze and your brand, working with you to target the perfect audience. Our detailed style guides create a palate for logos, marketing material and future expansion, all the while optimizing brand recognition!

Mirror Mazes International will lead you every step of the way by offering social media marketing, mixed media support, including television and radio commercial services and consumer event management, such as Grand Opening launch parties, VIP mixers or seasonal event over-lays. We will also help you develop fun activations so your attraction is that perfect place for a birthday party or even team building exercises. Our marketing plans will “reflect” the quality of our Mirror Mazes… we know people will love what they see, so let us help people find their way to the best infinity illusion in the world, where the fun is endless!

CustoMAZEd twists at every turn… Mirror Mazes International will help you navigate your brand from start to finish. We don’t just build it, we brand it!


Mirror Maze International knows how valuable Retail Planning can be for your facility. A successful retail plan can maximize your per cap and profit margins, while marketing your brand for continuous revenue growth.

Our expert team of visual merchandisers will work with you to create unique products that will allow your visitors to become that walking billboard for your attraction. From stimulating visual merchandising and memorable store design to clever product branding and trusted vendor selection, our innovative team of retail designers and consultants help you maximize sales and achieve your profit goals.


Hedge mazes, curtain mazes, cage mazes…OH MY! Take the road less traveled and let Mirror Mazes International lay the course for a unique experience for your guests, as we offer a multitude of one-of-a-kind mazes sure to delight guests of all ages!

  • Topiary Tangle, our hedge MAZE, allows guests to lost in a whimsical wonderland, as they weave their way through an entanglement of topiaries. This is a lanyrinth of landscape that will have you lost for days!

  • Curtain Chaos, our curtain MAZE, will have guests in a tizzy as they navigate their way through a scramble of skewed stripes!

  • Puzzled Pathway, our cage MAZE, creates an apocalyptic industrial feel that is anything, but easy to escape from. If you come back for more the puzzled pathway may be a little different…as we provide “moveable” options.
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